Earl Nightingale’s Strangest "Swipe File" Secret Turns Even Loser Ads Into Winners

Do you know who Earl Nightingale was?

He was one of the early “success pioneers” who devoted his life to helping others succeed. His most popular work is “The Strangest Secret.” The theme of which is “you become what you think about.”

That is, according to Earl, the strangest secret in the world for success (or failure).

Well guess what?

This also applies to writing your ad copy and building your swipe file, too.

Except, when it comes to copywriting, it’s more like:

“You WRITE what you READ about.”

This is so consistently true, it’s almost spooky.

For example:

Sometimes people send me their ads to look over. Usually I don’t have time to look at them, and just delete them.

But sometimes, for fun, I take a peek.

And what I usually see ain’t pretty.

I really HATE judging ads – no matter my personal preferences – without seeing test results or knowing more about the market.

But some of these are just really, really awful.

They are simply copying the “HYPE & SCREAM” style of so many Internet sales letters.

With no original thinking attempted.

No “depth” as to what the product will actually DO for people (or how it will do it).

No even trying to establish credibility or build trust.


REAL dumb.

Anyway, this does NOT making them bad people, by any means.

They are simply victims of the “other” Strangest Secret:

“You write what you read about.”

We ALL do this, too. We all tend to write what we read about.

And to paraphrase Earl, when it comes to writing ads:

“If we read about crap… we write about crap.”

Moral of the story?

If you want to write better ads — make sure you are reading good ads.

Ads that have been proven to work to skeptical audiences that need to be persuaded.

This alone will give you a huge “leg up” over your competition every time.

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