Do You Really Need A Custom WordPress Design?

One of my friends is running a café. We were casually talking about the web presence and the need of the website. And he got all excited and started telling me that these days he is learning WordPress. So … a friend of a WordPress Genesis Developer is telling him that he is learning WordPress.

… and that he would like to save every penny by building the website all by himself.

This is what WordPress has infused in the minds of regular users. Anyone can build and manage a website, you don't need to hire a pro for that!

Free themes, premium themes, free plugins, paid plugins … you get everything needed to build a website. Why pay a WordPress Genesis developer for a custom WordPress design?

Anyone and just about anyone can do it all by himself.

But the questions is, is it worth putting your efforts in learning WordPress and building the website yourself?

Yes, if it is a personal blog or a simple website.
NO, if it is a business website.
NO, if that website means business to you.
NO, if you want to establish a brand identity.
NO, if you don't want to compromise with features and functionality of the site.

Your business website needs special care, which only a seasoned WordPress developer can understand. And that gap can only be filled by custom WordPress design.

A business website needs the following:

1. Brand Identity: Each business has a distinct identity and the same needs to be communicated to the online audience. Logo, color scheme, typography and the look & feel of the site together offer a unique personality to the website; which needs to be aligned with business identity. No free or premium theme can offer this kind of flexibility. You need to opt for custom WordPress design for such a use case.

2. High Conversion Landing Pages: Every business need to have landing pages. Landing pages are a way to communicate and highlight the USPs of company, services and the products they offer. A lot of expertise and UX studies goes into making landing pages that convert. Tracking, A / B testing, conversion rate optimization. You need to put in a lot of effort to start selling online. Even a freelancer at UpWork or other freelance sites is not a right choice for this. Only a seasoned developer who builds custom website solutions and has experience with UX design can do justice to landing pages.

3. Professional Online Presence: A website is not just pages and information. It is the presentation of the information in the most appropriate manner. It is a science and art of building web presence that is functional, beautiful and fulfils the goal and purpose of the website. You need a developer who has a grasp of design concepts and user behavior to accomplish the task.

4. Security & Performance: The website is not just looks. It needs to perform well in terms of page loading speed. It should be cross browser compatible. It should follow best coding practices and be built on neat and clean code. It should be optimized for speed and fine-tuned for loading in 2 seconds.And it needs to be secure against possible malware attacks. A professional developer offering custom WordPress design will never compromise on these check-points.

5. Top Notch SEO: To get the organic traffic, your website needs to be optimized for search engines. Keyword research, keyword mapping, content strategy, SILO architecture, semantics, microdata, all go into making a website search friendly. Can you expect a regular WordPress user to know and understand each of these concepts?

And only an experienced WordPress Genesis developer stands up to the test of delivering the results – delivering the websites that PERFORM & CONVERT.

Wrap Up:

Be it any kind of business, you do need a custom WordPress design; to make sure that your WordPress website works for your business. Hire an expert for the job – Genesis Developer and a WordPress Consultant

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