Choosing Trampoline Parts – Determining Size and Shape

Size is an extremely important factor when choosing trampoline replacement parts. It is always important to follow the measuring instructions provided on the vendor's website when ordering trampoline parts. Trampoline guides and manuals often contain inaccurate size information, which is why professionals always recommend that the customer actually conduct the measurements themselves, rather than relying on the manufacturer's information. Size information is needed for trampoline owners wishing to purchase springs, enclosure parts, a replacement mat or a replacement safety pad.

To determine the length of the spring you should remove it from the trampoline so that it is in the relaxed state. After removing the spring from the trampoline you should measure from one end to the opposite end including the hooks at each end of the spring. If you are measuring a spring that is damaged in any way, you should measure more than one to be sure you are getting an accurate measurement. It is important to measure the tightest spring you can find on your trampoline for accuracy.

Safety pads involve a bit more measuring than springs do. To determine what size safety pad you will usually need to purchase you should measure to and from the outside edge of the frame. Trampoline experts recommend that you take the same measurement in two different locations on the frame to be sure that you are purchasing the correct size safety pad. This measuring tip is recommended because often round trampolines tend to get warped over time, making a measurement in one direction smaller in one direction more than the other. Typically safety pads for round trampolines are stocked and ready for shipment.

When purchasing a trampoline mat it is vital that the new mat be sized correctly to ensure that all trampoline parts are tensioned correctly. If the mat is not properly sized, it can result in an unsatisfactory bounce. Most round trampolines are not perfect circles, in fact usually the only ones that tend to be the same diameter in multiple places on the frame are in ground trampolines. For this reason, it is important to consult with the manufacturer to be sure that you are getting a trampoline mat that will fit properly. Due to the shape and design of rectangular frames, they sometimes develop an inward or outward bow in the middle of the long sides of the frame.

These factors make it necessary for customers to conduct specific measurements to be sure that the mat they receive is the correct size. Different companies produce trampoline mats in different ways, some mats are simply stocked and pulled off of a shelf while other companies actually make the mat based on measurements provided by the customer. For this reason it is very important that the customer always abide by the measuring instructions for the specific company they are ordering from. Measuring instructions may vary from website to website depending on how the mat is produced.

Please note that the measuring instructions mentioned above are instructions that are usually requested by trampoline companies. You should be sure to verify all measuring instructions with the company you choose to purchase from before purchasing a product.

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