Can an Easy Website Builder Guarantee Traffic?

No easy website builder can guarantee traffic. Most of them are good at building a functional website for you. You can automate the initial stages of setting up of a site to a certain extent. It is virtually impossible and indispensable during the early stages without heavy involvement of the human element.

Once the website is set up and running, you still need a human to follow up the progress. Computers and software can only provide tools and numbers. Interpreting and acting on that number is a human responsibility.

The first thing you look for on a daily basis is the traffic. The traffic takes time to build. However, you need to know if you traffic is building and growing or declining and static.

It is not possible for any easy website builder to do this. The software can anticipate and set up essential building blocks to facilitate traffic. One of the important functions it can do is to give you brainstorming tool to pick the appropriate keywords. Without the proper keyword phrases, you will fail immediately.

The software can only give you numbers. You make a decision as to which keyword looks promising. From the keyword, you go to set up the domain name using a keyword phrase. You can automate this process through an easy website builder.

Remember the whole traffic promotion is still to a very large degree depended on search engines ranking. All other efforts you do will have to finally point to a search engine optimization. We have not found a way around Search Engines yet!

People are still typing in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing what they want. The percentage is about 70% on Google alone. We have no other choice until some one invents new traffic and sales strategies without Search Engines. No easy website builder can do this.

You need humans with expertise and knowledge to work with Search Engines optimization rules. If any easy website builder promises, you traffic by using only their software run away from them. It is simply not possible without experienced human intervention.

You can hire a consultant to help you monitor, tweak, and advise you about traffic building that might work. However, no software can do that for you yet! Good content article writing and blogging will help you immensely though!

If there are no visitors, you have a very big problem. You need to take immediate steps to increase your traffic. Traffic does not guarantee sales. On the other hand, no traffic guarantees zero business.

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