Boost Your Business Today With Social Networking

What are social networking sites? These are sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that allow members to communicate with each other. There are in fact a number of these sites but these are the big three. They form communities of people much like forums. They differ from forums in that you can post what you want with no restrictions and you can contact your friends and followers. This helps you to build business relationships with them.

Social network sites are free to join which makes them even more profitable as any sales you make through these sites will be pure profit for you. You do not need to pay for advertising and this makes your business promotion completely free. If you work these sites correctly you will be able to build up relationships with your followers and friends. This in turn will allow you to sell more as people will buy more from someone they know and trust than from an absolute stranger.

Starting off:

Starting is easy you just need to join the social networking site. It is advisable to join the big three; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Next create a profile. It is important to create a good profile page, because this is how people get to know you and this is how you start to build good business relationships with them. When you do this you will create trust and credibility with your associates and they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Personalize your page:

Personalize your page with your business logo, a profile of your company as well as your profile, and yes upload a picture of yourself. Remember to include a link to your website so that people can click through to learn more about your business.


Link to your blogs if possible. LinkedIn has an add-on that allows your blogs to be posted directly to your news page. You can link up your articles to Twitter and Facebook if you distribute them at Some autoresponders will post your newsletter link to Facebook and Twitter. This will give you some interesting posts to entertain your readers.


Make use of forums on the social networking site. You can get good information here and also increase credibility by answering questions and offering helpful advice. This will help to make other members curious about your business and click through to your website for more information. Once there they can either join your newsletter or even buy products and services from your website.

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