Best Web Hosting Providers For Your Own Website

When you have decided to create your own website, you will naturally want to know who are the best web hosting providers. Who are the best web hosts? How can you get the best website hosting for your new website?

In my opinion, it comes down to four issues:

  • Near zero downtime
  • Speed
  • Good support
  • Features and price

So who is the best provider based on these requirements? I don’t believe there is a clear winner. These days most of the top web hosts do offer almost zero downtime. The equipment and technology keeps your website up and running about 99.9% of the time. Most of the best web hosts are quite fast. It would be see a difference in your websites performance from host to host.

Support is a very important issue in web hosting, especially if you are starting your first website. Many times if someone is unhappy with a particular host, it is due to a support issue. I have found however that in some cases it is a question of whether the person chose the right support option. I read an unfavorable review of a host I thought was very good, and it turned out that the user used email support to get an answer he needed quickly. Obviously it would be a better choice to use instant chat support for a problem like this. Most of the top hosts offer video help files and several support options including instant chat.

It is also difficult to choose the best web hosting providers based on features. They all offer the best applications and webmaster tools, for a very reasonable price. Most also offer a guarantee of some kind.

In short the best web hosting providers are the ones that offer a fast, reliable home for your website, with great support and features, at a competitive price. I’m happy to report that many of today’s top hosts, do a great job of offering you all the tools you need to have a successful website.

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