Affordable and Easy Web Design For Beginners

Would you like to have a website, a blog, or an online store, but can not afford a professional web designer, and do not know how to build one your self? I have the perfect solutions to your needs. I will recommend easy web design tools that are affordable and perfect for a beginner.

Before I make my recommendations we need to first identify everything you will need to create your web presence. There are three basic needs to get on the internet. You need a domain, a website, blog, or shopping cart builder, and lastly you will need hosting.

A domain is the easy component. The domain is your website address, such as,, or You need to perform a domain search, find an available domain, and register that domain. Registering a domain reserves your spot on the internet.

Next you will need a website, a blog, or a shopping cart builder. If you are a beginner at building a website, you will want a product that provides nice looking templates that can be easily edited, any time. You want click and type editing, and the ability to insert your images and videos. Adding your personal images and videos makes the website match your personality. It gives it a unique look which will separate your site from all the rest.

Lastly you will need web hosting. Hosting is the tool that puts your website on the internet. You will attach your domain to your website and then host it on the internet. Once your website is hosted you will be able to type your domain in the URL window and view it on the internet.

Let’s talk about specific products. As I mentioned earlier, the domain is the easy part of the equation so let’s concentrate on the other two. I like a product called Website Tonight. Website Tonight is an easy web design tool that includes hosting. This eliminates one of the steps in the process by combining a website builder and web hosting in one. An easy process will allow more success and less frustration. If you could register your domain and purchase Website Tonight all in one location, then the process would be even easier.

These are the tools that I personally use for all of my websites. I have found them very useful, professional, and affordable. You can register a domain and build a website, blog, or online store for under $100 a year. The last bonus is their world class 24/7 customer service.

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