A Synopsis of The MCSA Certification

Would the ability to prove your skills and validate your ability as a systems administrator be helpful in your search for IT employment or advancement? You bet it would. It's no secret that clients and employers alike generally feel more comfortable knowing that the person they plan to hire or promote is a certified professional committed to honing his / her IT craft, and that's exactly what you can prove to them with the MCSA certification. If this sounds interesting, you're in luck. Here we provide a brief synopsis of the MCSA certification-an overview to help you decide if this is the right confirmation for your particular set of skills and career.

The MCSA Certification

Like other Microsoft certifications, the MCSA, or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification, is product specific-and in this case the product is Windows Server 2003. According to the Microsoft certifications website, earning the MCSA confirms your ability "to manage and troubleshoot network environments based on the Windows Server 2003 operating system. " In plain speak this means that it demonstrates your competence to work with this particular software package and provide network solutions based on its applications.

Those possessing MCSA certification often work in a variety of IT roles. These include positions in any of the following specialties:

System Administrators
– Network Administrators
– Network Operations Analyst
– Network Technician
– Information Systems Administrator
– Technical Support Specialist

How to Get MCSA Certification

Successful MCSA candidates will usually have between 6 and 12 months experience working with Windows Server 2003 and a working knowledge of network infrastructure. The certification process consists of 4 required exams in the following specialties:

– Two required exams on networking systems
– One exam on operating and troubleshooting client operating systems
– One elective exam

Obtaining MCSA certification can help the successful candidate build upon his / her resume and demonstrates a continued desire to adapt in a rapidly changing IT world.

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