7 Strategies to Make Your Website Sizzle

Having access to all of the technological tools available to build your business is essential to maintaining your competitive edge, right. After all, to not use inventions which saves us time, money, and enhance our productivity is not wise. Yet, the majority of business owners continue to repeat the same mistake year in and year out. The error is not having a website at all, or worse having one that doesn’t resonate with potential customers. While this may not be earth shattering, it is a crucial oversight in business, as competing at the highest level is what everyone strives for. Embracing technology is no longer optional, as the marketplace dictates the pace and rhythm of global commerce. Having a website that is engaging and informative is not difficult, but necessary, in a mobile plugged in society. Below are seven simple strategies to market your healthcare business effectively and attract more new customers than ever before.

1. Provide new content to your website on a consistent basis. The information provided at the beginning of your business is in all likelihood outdated. Marketing methods, tips, and techniques have changed over time and yesterday’s message is no longer relevant.

2. Use bold color graphics and inviting images to draw customers in. Prospects viewing a website are initially attracted by the visual impression created and the subliminal message represented. Captivating imagery that stimulates the senses will separate your website from the pack and give you a leg up among the competition.

3. Add a short, but information rich, video to your site. Take advantage of the latest communication tools. Appeal not only to the visual curiosity of potential customers, but the auditory sense as well. Create a message that flows and expands upon your central theme or idea. The purpose of the video is to entice the browsers and encourage them to take the next step – either request more information or purchase your product or service. Remember, keep it short as attention spans are even shorter.

4. Add music to accompany the video. This makes for a memorable experience and keeps the prospect tuned in until the end of the presentation. Additionally, music offers a relaxing medium that creates a lasting impression.

5. Create a blog or engage in social media. Many business owners neglect providing customers with a forum that allows the opportunity for feedback, suggestions, and comments related to personal experiences using a particular product. Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity to communicate with customers to express appreciation and gratitude.

6. Consider a mobile website to maximize exposure. Keep the message consistent with the marketing theme previously established with your regular site. Make sure all your marketing platforms are linked back to the main website. Having a portable marketing plan is essential as the number of mobile device users continue to grow exponentially.

7. The final piece of the puzzle to your elevated marketing plan is to tie everything together with a bold an unabashed guarantee. Your goal is to have a great business and fulfill the promise of delivering exceptional service. When you’ve done that, go on and toot your own horn.

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