6 Ways To Build A Freelance Blog

One of the best ways to grow your business is to grow your online presence. It’s imperative for anyone wanting a career.

Having an online presence is your opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge. It’s also an easy way for you to start connecting with your ideal clients.

It also easier for your prospects to find and hire you.

How to create more of an online presence?

By now I’m sure you realize you need a website but more than that you need a blog. A blog that’s on your website.

Your blog is your online voice. It is more effective and efficient in terms of building the know, like and trust factor with your prospects.

Now that you understand that let’s get to what you need for starting a blog.

Choosing A Platform.

Many expert bloggers will advice you to start with a Word Press blog. Why? Because it’s the most commonly used blogging platform. To be clear you want to use the WordPress.org platform not WordPress.com.

There are many themes free and paid that you can choose from and customize the look and feel to your liking.

The Goal Of Your Blog

Before you begin to create your blog you need to know what your goal is. What do you want to accomplish with your blog? What will you focus on? Obviously you want to be marketing your services.

What static pages will you have? For example you will want an about page, contact page, and services page to start.

Editorial Calendar

You need to plan your content before you create your blog. What are the categories you will be using? Are you gong to be linking to any sites? Will you be integrating your social media activities into your blog? Once you’ve answered these questions your blog will have a more balanced look and feel.

Create A Content Plan

Now it’s time to put your pen to paper. In other words start writing. Keep in mind it’s about sharing relevant content with your ideal prospects.

Every post you create should have a purpose. The purpose could be to drive traffic to your site or a specific offer you have. You can use your blog to make an announcement. It’s your choice.

Just like you’d map out a road trip, map out a month’s worth of content. That doesn’t mean you have to write it all at one time. Having this road map will help you to keep focused. You won’t sit down and stare at your computer screen wondering what to write about.

Start Posting

Now that you have valuable, relevant content start posting!

Get Active

It’s really important that you get active not only on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ but also commenting on other peoples blogs.

Blogging can help build credibility.

Hopefully this post has encouraged you to start setting up your freelance blog today!

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