3 Reasons to Create an Online Copywriting Portfolio

Your online copywriting portfolio. Whether you’re based in Gloucestershire, UK or on the other side of the world, it’s probably one of your most important assets as a business writer – especially if it’s packed with great examples of your work. Alongside your Testimonials page, homepage and Contact form, this is the heart of your 24/7 copywriting presence. Here are three reasons to create an online copywriting portfolio.

  • An online copywriting portfolio sells for you around the clock
  • Build your credibility as a copywriter
  • Motivate yourself to build your dream client base

Your online copywriting portfolio is a powerful silent salesperson

Your live copywriting portfolio never sleeps on the web; it’s there for potential clients to see around the clock. Whether it consists of images, a downloadable copywriter portfolio in PDF format, or links to websites you’ve written for, your portfolio is ready to impress site visitors even when you are asleep. It may be the wee small hours in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, but prospective clients from around the world could be ready to choose you based on your web portfolio. It’s a fact! Creative work on show is helpful whatever the time.

An online copywriter portfolio presence supports your credibility

Your online portfolio gives you instant credibility over less-experienced copywriters who are still trying to get established. Filled with carefully chosen examples of your work it supports your capability claims. It’s one thing saying you’re a great SEO copywriter, brochure writer or direct response specialist. Your samples portfolio goes a long way to proving it. Having that portfolio on the web is also a fantastic way to remind yourself just how good you are.

Creating an online copywriting portfolio motivates your business development efforts

As a newbie copy writer, getting your web portfolio live as soon as possible will act as an important reminder that you need to push yourself to build business and the client base you dream of. At first your portfolio will look sparse; maybe it will be loaded with college or pro bono work. But soon, if you’re good, the first fee-earning work will go on show. Imagine the pride and satisfaction you’ll feel as you add newly completed projects. It’s a great incentive to get out there and build your business.

A powerful salesperson, a credibility reinforcer and a motivator to build your freelance copywriter business. If you haven’t created your online portfolio yet, now’s the time to do so. Whether you use your website or a blog, it’s one of the first things potential clients will want to see. Don’t disappoint them; they want to see what you’re capable of!

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